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The name Lashkars goes back to the origins of Islam, historically they are tribal warriors, organized to defend Islam by fighting against infidels and invaders.
After the success of the military operation launched by the Pakistani army in May 2009 to expel the Taliban regime established in Malakand division, in the SWAT district on the border with Afghanistan, the Pakistani government approved the deployment of local tribal elements to fight and expel all Taliban militants who had managed to find safe hiding places.
Generally nowadays Lashkars are a traditional Tribal Militia, whose formation depends on the need to fulfill specific objectives.
The formation of tribal militias is not a novelty in the history of the province of FATA (Federally Administrated Tribal Areas), but given the successful results it has been applied in the SWAT Valley as well.

It is here that they play, especially thanks to their deployment on the territory and with the assiduous activity of night patrols, a key role against the possible infiltration of extremists and Islamist militants.

Looking across the border, this self-organized civilian militia is also a vivid example of how the anti-insurgency strategy practiced by the United States in Afghanistan could be successful.
The Lashkars are all men, who in their civilian lives often play the role of breadwinner, in many cases representing the only source of livelihood for their loved ones. They accept their role without the guarantee of any economic compensation for their families in case of death during their call to arms.

They are devout and strongly religious people.

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