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A quiet place is what we are all looking for, a place where we feel good and safe, sometimes it can just be an imaginary one.

Green Bank is actually real, a very small town rising in the middle of the so called “National Radio Quiet Zone”, a huge squared area of approximately 10.000 square miles located predominantly in West Virginia, where since the early 50’s all kind of electromagnetic radiation has been banned.

The reason it exists is to protect and keep safe the observations made by the Green Bank Telescope (GBT), listening to the deepest possible space and trying to understand the secrets of the universe, including the possibility of finding intelligent form of alien life.

Green Bank has become the new Mecca for electro-sensitive people, who are unable to live surrounded by the wireless technology of our hyper connected societies. They come from all over the world to see if this could be their quiet place, joining the community which has been established here since 10 years.

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