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There is a revolution coming just behind the corner, a silent wind for change blowing; something radical but still barely visible.


By the beginning of the "smart" era we have seen continuous and staggering advancements in technology but we poorly understand what's on the way for the future.
After a little less than a couple of centuries since the first industrial revolution we reached a point in our evolution that we are now able to start moving a few steps on the path of creation of something which is not simply a tool anymore as we have been doing for thousands of years.
Technology is giving us access to the supreme power of creating not just artificial intelligence but artificial consciousness.
We are in the exact middle of a battle between industry giants who, without fully knowing what they are exactly doing nor how this all works or really means, are racing for this goal to be the first, carelessly looking at the many profound implications involved.
What just few years ago was simply science fiction is now getting very real because of two simultaneous revolutions. If on the one hand the advances in computer science like machine learning, A.I. and quantum computing, are making available to scientists the necessary power on the other hand the advances in brain science are giving the understanding to control the biological algorithms we as humans discovered to be.
Soon as in the next 15 or 20 years we could see more change than in the last 10.000 or even more.
It is not just about a new and much more profound industrial revolution where machines will be better that people to perform any task and with all the direct consequences this will have on occupation.  
The artificial ego, this smarter entity who will be able to autonomously perfect itself in ways we could not even be able to comprehend, free by all the biological limits that forced us under the laws of evolution and natural selection is about to open his eyes in this world.
We, as humans, always considered ourselves as the dominant species on this planet basically, because of our superior intelligence and assumed this would last forever, but we could be about to be turned wrong by what is coming next and very, very soon.
There is an high urgency to turn our eyes on this issue.
The "Rising Tsunami" that is coming silently on the background of our very noisy and distracted world we are immersed in is coming to us running way faster than we immagined. 

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