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The parliamentary elections in Greece in January 2015 were held on 25 January for the renewal of the Greek Parliament.
They were called ahead of the natural expiry of the previous legislature, set for 2016, as Parliament had failed to elect a new President of the Republic.
In December 2014, Parliament was called to elect the new President of the Republic as stipulated by the Greek Constitution. It provides for three votes, with different quorums (in the first two 200 deputies out of 300, in the third 180) to succeed in electing the new president. If there is no quorum in any of the three votes, the outgoing President of the Republic dissolves Parliament within ten days and calls early elections.
The governing majority, consisting of ND and PASOK, proposed the name of Stauros Dīmas while the oppositions (including SYRIZA) did not propose any candidate, merely voting against Dīmas in all three votes.
On 29 December 2014, as the quorum necessary for election was not reached in the third and final vote, Parliament was dissolved, as stipulated by the Constitution, and early elections had to be held.

Prime Minister Antōnīs Samaras announced new parliamentary elections for 25 January 2015.

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